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Our kitting solution provides a consolidated quantity of material for a specific part of a build, created to a certain specification and delivered in a kit box to the build area.

Our kits are an advanced service suitable for a wide range of manufacturing, assembly, aftermarket and MRO requirements. All kits are tailored to your specific requirements for a particular area in your portfolio, such as MRO or engine build.

All of our kits are tamperproof and fully traceable at both parent and individual piece part level and can contain everything in the bill of material and beyond (hardware, electronics, clothing, sub-assemblies, documentation, engineering work cards, tooling). We have an audit trail for all parts and kits. Depending on the requirement, kits can comprise of Pattonair sourced products, customer owned, manufactured product or a mixture, and can be built at any of our global facilities or on your own site. We will work with you to scope, implement and project manage your kits, ensuring a seamless process.

Our kitting solutions are vast, meaning customers can choose from a wide range of bespoke and standard packaging, including ‘greener’ returnable boxes and protective indents, depending on their specific requirement and the products in the kits. The kits are built to be user-friendly, ensuring the layouts are sequenced to meet the build requirement and designed to improve operational efficiency and improve build productivity, create long term customer savings, remove complexity and reduce Total Acquisition Cost through competitive piece part pricing, whilst removing waste and non-value-add internal activity.

By using our kits, you have everything you need in one place, perfect for visual management and a lean work environment. The kits are set out exactly how you want them, with any product you need in them, even if we don’t source it, we can incorporate your parts into our kits, creating a fully integrated kit. There are flexible methods of delivery, including Kanban, vending machines and consignment, all of which can be included in our line feed solutions, if required.

Key Features

  • 100% of the product required is guaranteed to be in a kit, improving your performance and service levels
  • Enhanced operational efficiency with product delivered to operators in user friendly build sequential order
  • Reduced inventory and work in progress, and improved capacity planning
  • Line feed solutions for kits, where you need it, when you need it
  • A single monthly invoice for all product consumed
  • Environmentally friendly with returnable packaging
  • User friendly for operators and sub-contractors: easily visible and accessible

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We are pleased to announce that Pattonair and Wesco Aircraft are now


Incora™ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers' businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.

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