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Direct line feed ensures we locate your required product in close proximity to the point of use in the assembly area at your site.

This solution is quick, simple and cost effective, removing complexities and inefficiencies from your supply chain.

Bespoke and tailored to your requirement, we can offer your DLF solution to be presented in a variety of ways such as in bins, twin bins, carousels, storage cabinets or in a vending machine. The solution is delivered completely bespoke to your specific requirements and space restraints. At Pattonair, we will take inventory off your order book and manage it on your behalf.

The parts delivered in this service can be configured in various ways to suit your needs, such as alphanumeric or operation sequence order.

As part of our DLF service, we offer expertise on IT input, possible space restraints where we can sculpt the preferred solution designed specifically for your site, building sequence and output. Our expertise in our solutions allows us to offer you an optimised service to best serve your desired outputs.

Everything about this service can be tailored down to what products you want, how you want it presented, where you want it placed and how often you need it replenished. We will come on site to complete RF scanning for product maintenance and audit your container of parts every week. By doing this, we can see how much is being used ensure parts are topped up and replenished at all times.

Key Features

  • There are no barriers to this service
  • All of the products in the DLF solution are owned by us, meaning less risk for you and less stock for you to store
  • Based upon your forecasts, we will define and agree levels of stock
  • This service runs in a pay as you go method as its consigned stock
  • We will replenish the stock regularly to ensure you never run out and bill you as you use the parts
  • Flexible and tailored direct delivery to specified build line locations for our customers and their sub-contractors
  • Best practice in project management eliminating risk during implementation
  • Robust and reliable inventory management processes ensure efficient capture of usage and timely replenishment
  • Customised Performance Indicators to meet your specific requirements
  • A single monthly invoice covering all usage
  • Sophisticated IT support infrastructure

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We are pleased to announce that Pattonair and Wesco Aircraft are now


Incoraâ„¢ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers' businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.

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