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Our forecasting and inventory service, Akrivis, was specifically created to drive out unwanted inventory and cost whilst increasing service levels to our customers.

This tailored approach is an all-encompassing forecasting and inventory management solution that incorporates leading technologies, process discipline and highly experienced demand and inventory specialists with our own world class supply chain management.

We understand the pressures our customers face with the increase in air travel demand and that companies require shorter lead times, higher service and responsiveness levels. Akrivis enables us to support our customers with all of these demands, as well as effectively managing their wide and diverse range of products and services through our efficient supply chain management.Akrivis works to ensure time on wing is minimised and flying hours are maximised. Combining customer insight with Akrivis, results in an integrated supply chain solution.

Our forecasting and inventory solution, Akrivis, will continue to improve with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, leading to a significant reduction in unnecessary inventory and ultimately cost. Due to our investment in Akrivis, this solution is constantly evolving, tailoring forecasting and inventory technology, processes and methods to enable our customers to reduce their cost base associated with excess inventory whilst, increasing their levels of responsiveness in today’s complex, multi-channel, global supply chains.

Everyday, Akrivis enables the globally positioned Forecasting and Inventory teams to facilitate large scale data capture and evaluation to generate future demand, inventory optimisation and supplier schedules across our customers complex supply chains. This is through a cohesive and integrated set of systemised tools, processes and tried and tested methods.

Each month across Pattonair, in excess of 170 separate customer forecasts and inventory solutions, across 20 different replenishment methods are created, reviewed and continuously improved to ensure our customers receive consistently high levels of service without the need to carry excess stock at their sites.

Since the implementation of the Akrivis, we have won a number of awards for our outstanding service driven by our accurate forecasting, such as Boeing Silver and Safran Gold.

Our Akrivis solution will:

  • Be tailored to the specific needs and supply chain challenges faced by customers
  • Calibrate the before and after positions to aid in financial modelling
  • Carry out performance reporting to ensure continuous improvement of forecast accuracy bias and stability
  • Calculate ideal safety stock levels to ensure service level attainment with optimised inventory holding
  • Implement causal factors and market sensitivities to ensure continued part supply inclusive of full cause analysis
  • Integrate into the supply chain to support and monitor suppliers with their own load planning and capacity management
  • Provide and maintain risk management at part level to ensure zero shortages and continuity of supply
  • Support a standardised planning cycle ensuring full visibility throughout the supply chain

Case Studies:

  1. For a major aftermarket customer, this equates to a demand satisfaction rate in excess of 99.8% availability across 15,000 SKU’s supporting 3 major repair shops.This is achieved across a portfolio of parts where only 21% has consistent monthly demand and despite the in-load of an additional 2000 SKUs since the beginning of 2016 net inventory holding has reduced by circa £3M whilst forecast accuracy has improved by 20% in the past year.
  2. For an MRO engine repair centre based in the US we have implemented an industry leading solution linked directly to the repair work order process flow supporting bottleneck reductions in operations through using delivery to point of use on the shop floor.This solution provides the customer with zero waste kitting in the sub assembly areas.
  3. For a large European helicopter engine manufacturer 6000 SKU’s are supported using a segmented part portfolio management approach ensuring optimised inventory at main hub locations and customer specific forward stocking locations co-located at their MRO and production facilities. This approach ensures that both fast and slower moving parts are catered for with the right inventory, in the right location at the right quantity.This approach has led to an increase in forecast accuracy of 10% in the past 10 months.

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We are pleased to announce that Pattonair and Wesco Aircraft are now


Incora™ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers' businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.

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