Global aerospace and defence supply chain provider Pattonair, is launching a new and enhanced MRO Services portfolio at the global MRO procurement expo, AP&M in London, 31 May to 1 June.

The portfolio introduces innovations, such as Zero Waste and Zero-Lead-Time solutions via ‘Smart Kitting’, ‘Automated Inventory’ and the `Warehouse in a Box`, designed to meet the changing needs of customers in the growing Engine MRO and Aftermarket sector.

Pattonair’s enhanced MRO Services have been designed from the ground up by industry experts to deliver customer value through optimised, scalable and, most importantly, sustainable services.

They cover all MRO aspects of Aerospace, Marine and Industrial gas turbine power plant as well as Aerospace wheel and brake and landing gear.

“We are seeing an increased focus from OEM’s and MRO’s, operators and lessors, on retaining product on-wing for longer periods and reducing the total cost of overhaul; at the same time there is an increasing reliance on the use of big data and engine health monitoring to optimise on-wing longevity and shop visit planning profiles”, says Pattonair’s MRO Services Director, Jim Smith, who led the redesign and joined Pattonair from Rolls-Royce, bringing 20 years’ OEM and MRO experience.

"Pattonair is the service provider of choice for many of the world’s top aerospace and defence companies, providing tailored business solutions for aftermarket and MRO needs. "We have the expertise and global capability to provide whatever you need: from straight forward direct deliveries to the most complex supply chain solutions."

Jim Smith, MRO Services Director